Saturday, February 21, 2009

NewYork FashionWeek Super TopModels5

Magnificient Magdalena


Coco SMOKES +++++ Without Tobacco



Lala said...

3. Heidi Mount
4. Bruna Tenorio
7. Iekeliene Stange
9. Behati prinsloo
12. magdalena Frackowiak
13. Freja Beha Erichsen
13. Coco Rocha
14. Karlie Kloss
17. Anna Maria Jagodzinska (not sure!)
18. Alyone Osmanova
19. Doesn't look like a model to me
25. Freja and Catherine McNeil

fadedcolours said...

just to make it easier for me not to mess up the numbers, I'll name them all (even though it looks like Lala did a great job so far)

1)Alek Wek
2)Diana Farkhullina
3)Heidi Mount
4)Bruna Tenorio
5)Selina Khan
6)Iekeline Stange
7)Mila de Wit
8)Behati Prinsloo
9)Caroline Ribeiro
10)Sheila Marquez
11)Magdalena Frackowiak
12)Freja Beha Erichsen
13)Coco Rocha
14)Karlie Kloss
16)Kinee Diouf
17)Viktoriya Sasonkina
18)Alyona Osmanova
19)not a model, lol
20)Adina Forizs
21)Daria Strokous
22)I get a feeling that it might be Nimue Smit but I really can't say anything for sure since she has both glasses and a hat! Way to disguise yourself, missy D;
23)Katie Fogarty
24)Imogen Morris-Clarke
25)Freja Beha Erichsen and Catherine McNeil

FotoValise said...

I make an edit to 19......Try this one....
You both get bonus points.....

and as always.....thanks.....
i have many more....but this takes a lot to assemble
but i want to maintain one post of just models and another of the other wonderful folks that appear.....
and soon a post of male models....