Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NewYork FashionWeek Super TopModels8

Mighty Freja Beha

Abuse of my fotos by a few unsophisticated brutes at TFS has chilled my desire to share images



Anonymous said...

I honestly don't understand the problem! so your pictures get posted on tfs and people who pot them give credit to your site. that way your site gets more hits! please explain how is that "abusing of your photos"?! this is the internet and you can't put some things online and expect it to be only yours. you're lucky they give credit to you check some other sites and you'll see that almost no one does that

pierre said...

tanya looks exactly like she is : an extremely abused slut

renato said...

tanya is known as doing prostitution from the beggining of her carrier as fashion mpdel